New Joiners Guide

Three riders on a Moderate Group ride along a sunny Chilterns lane  

Are you new to cycling and nervous about what to expect?

Or are you more experienced and would like to know if South Bucks Midweek is right for you?

This section will answer all your questions.

Ride Leaders

All our rides are are led by experienced volunteers from the club who will welcome you to the ride, lead you on the pre-planned route and keep an eye out so that no one gets lost or left behind. The leader, and other members of the group, will be on hand to help with any difficulties (e.g.punctures Yell). So you can feel comfortable that there will be plenty of support available.

The ride leader will plan the route to make the most of our gorgeous countryside and whenever possible, will aim to keep to quieter country lanes and minimise riding on busier roads.

Grades of Ride

We have the following categories of Road Rides:

"E" - Easy Pace: 25-35 miles @ 10 mph

"M" - Moderate Pace: 35-50 miles @ 12 mph

"MF" - Moderate Faster Pace: 45-60 miles @ 14 mph

"FL" - Faster Longer: 50 miles + @ 16+ mph

If you are new to cycling its is probably best to start with the Easy Pace rides and progress through the categories as your fitness and confidence improves. Everyone gathers at the meeting point typically at 9:30am and will then cycle to a cafe for elevenses (cake!) and then on to a lunch stop - either another cafe or a country pub. Following lunch all the members will then make their way home but most of the time there will be someone going in the same direction as you who you can ride with. Our Typical Ride page gives a flavour of what an actual ride is like.

Bike leaning against a field gate with stunning Chilterns Valley backdrop


Rides Schedule

All rides are listed in the Rides Schedule along with the Meeting Point, Elevenses stop and Lunch stop locations. Most of the Ride Categories have a Whatsapp group to help with communications.

Other Events

Also, every Friday we have Coffee Pot meets where members make their own way to a cafe for a coffee, cake and chat. Often people will then team up and then go on ad hoc self-led rides.

During the summer we also offer off-road rides along the bridleways and gravel lanes of the Chilterns.

For the more adventurous, there are the occasional Century rides (100 miles); rides starting with a short train journey and also trips away for several days to other parts of the country such as the Cotswolds.

Club Membership

The club is made up of a cross section of people: some retired, some working but able to take Wednesdays off. Some are pretty fit and speedy but many are just ordinary people who just want to enjoy the countryside with some like minded souls and get a little bit of exercise. All are very friendly and welcoming.


Cycling equipment can be a bit daunting, but don't worry if your bike is a bit old or you don't have all the lycra gear you wont be the only one, so just come along.

There is a lot more great information on how to get started cycling on Cycling UK here


Next Step

If you are interested in joining us why not come for a couple of rides. Just join us at the meeting point or if you would rather speak to someone first contact our Club Secretary (or if this link is not working for you, send an email to: ). After you have done a couple of rides and wish to continue it will be necessary to join Cycling UK.